Here are some of our Services

Image Retouching

We add life to your photos! Retouched images have greater attention to detail and showcase the product with enhanced visual appeal.

Model Retouching

As retouching is a vital part of photo manipulation, our work involves removing blemishes, moles, wrinkles, hiding creases and unwanted marks, teeth whitening, fat reduction, smoothening and balancing skin tone.

Auto parts Retouching

A technique that considerably improves the clarity and color richness of automobile parts. Besides that, it also comes in handy while altering the orientation of the image.

Mannequin removal and images replacement

When you want your images without mannequins, but with the effect of mannequins, we apply the Ghost Mannequin technique/ Photoshop Image Neck joint service.

Hair Masking

A sub-category of masking. This complex technique enables the removal of background objects or the background itself in an image that contains hair, fur, wool and other fuzzy elements.


This technique allows an individual entity in an image to be merged with another layer. This technique uses a series of vector lines to form a clipping path on the entity that can be removed from its original background.

Color Correction

The ideal photograph is that which stands out as creative and balanced. Its starts from as simple as modifying the brightness and contrast of the image to changing the tint and the intensity of individual colors present in an image.

Background Knockout

When the subject is perfect, but the background is rather distracting, our background knockout service becomes your life savior.


Instead of shooting pictures of the same product in different colors, why not take a single photograph and simply change the color. Without altering any details, this technique saves a whole lot of time and effort.

Shadow Creation

A commonly used Photoshop technique, the drop shadow effect simply adds a shadow in an image, giving three-dimensional depth to a two-dimensional image.

Patten matching

After an image undergoes color or background correction, we take a definitive pattern of the original image to match it with the processed one to completely heal it.

Cropping & Resizing

Not all websites have the same dimensional requirements for the images. This technique helps in altering the image based on your requirements like increasing or decreasing size to removing unwanted parts in an image.

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